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My name is Marcus Biobaku. I have been practicing witchcraft since I was a child, with great encouragement from my parents. My magic is a mixture of the rituals I have learned from my mother, who is a practicing witch, and from my father, who is an accomplished master of astrology.

There is a long history of magic in my family, even if my generation has not strictly adhered to the way of life that my grandparents have practiced. We have a great amount of respect for those who came before us and shared with us a way of life that most people can't even imagine. My grandparents were highly enveloped in the Vodou community, and there was a great deal of power passed down from them to my parents and myself as well.

I come from a background of mixed beliefs which I believe makes me stronger, with so many different experiences to draw from as I learned, and continue to learn. With the support and knowledge of my parents, I have been able create my own personalized rituals that have made me confident that I can help you with almost any situation. I have also had the advantage of growing up in areas where knowledge is easier to come across.

There are still many prejudices in the world, but I have made it part of my life's work to show that magic can improve your life. I can drastically improve your situation, and I want to prove it to you. I will do this be helping you with your needs and I will not ask for compensation until you begin to see the results that you have been seeking.

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