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Sometimes what we want doesn't fit neatly into a section or category. Sometimes what we need is unique, or special. Sometimes our dreams and goals are not common, or average. Sometimes, we need something that has been custom made for us.

Sometimes we need a custom spell.

This spell is very different from the other spells that I offer. This spell is not designed to create a result, but rather to communicate your desires to the spirits, who then decide upon the results. This is why this spell is special.

Once you request this spell, I will study your request, and determine which spirit(s) should be summoned to hear your request. I will then plead your case and do what I can to convince them that you deserve what you are asking for - but the spirits will be the ones to grant your request. Keep in mind that some requests have a much better chance of being granted than others; A request for the return of a long-lost sibling, for example, has a very good chance of being granted, whereas a request to change oneself into a leprechaun has a significantly lesser (by that I mean zero) chance of being granted.

You can request absolutely anything (except physical harm or death to anyone, for any reason, directly or indirectly), and if I determine that it is possible, I will forward your request (one per spell) to the appropriate spirit(s), but again keep in mind that it is the spirits who will decide not only IF your wish is to be granted, but also HOW it is to be granted. A request for riches, for example, might present itself as an opportunity for a lucrative job opening, or a request for a visit from a grandparent's spirit might manifest itself in finding their long-lost journals.

Keep in mind that the spirits will not grant a wish that will harm you - a good example of this is when one of our customers requested to be reunited with an old flame. The spirits denied her request, and she was understandably upset, but several months later, the man she had wanted back had severely beaten the woman he was currently with, and shot himself after a police chase. There is ALWAYS a reason for what the spirits do (or don't do), even if they don't let you know what it is.


In recent months I have taken on a high-profile client, who needs me to devote much more of my time to help them. I have come to the realisation that I will need to stop taking on new clients in order to place all of my time and efforts in to serving their needs.

If you require spellwork to be performed for you, allow me to refer you to my brother Emmanuel Biobaku, who is a master of his Craft of Voodoo Magick. He is my most trusted ally and has my complete confidence.



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-- Eric