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Luck is a very real and powerful force.

Luck plays with many aspects of our lives; health, friendships, love, and even money can be influenced by luck. Luck is as unpredictable as the wind and can bring incredible rewards, or devastating failure, often depending on whether you are at the right place at the right time — or, perhaps, the wrong place at the wrong time.

You are now at the right place, at the right time. If you need a change in your luck, this is something that I can provide. Simply fill out the form below, and allow me to do the rest.


In recent months I have taken on a high-profile client, who needs me to devote much more of my time to help them. I have come to the realisation that I will need to stop taking on new clients in order to place all of my time and efforts in to serving their needs.

If you require spellwork to be performed for you, allow me to refer you to my brother Emmanuel Biobaku, who is a master of his Craft of Voodoo Magick. He is my most trusted ally and has my complete confidence.


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Marcus, I hope you chose to use this testimonial for your website as my story is a wonderful example of how very real your services are. I asked for a love spell. Your response to me was prompt, and it was obvious in the email you were offering more than a service; you truly cared. You stayed in communication with me, and answered every question I had with patience and kindess. Once you notified me the spell had been cast, in about 26 hours from the spell casting my ex and I had reconcilled. In fact, we are moving to a new city together, and starting fresh. This is after my ex said he was "long gone", and could never "start over" with me again. If you are a potential customer reading this, and you are still skeptical, let me remove all doubt. Marcus is 100% legitimate, this is the furthest thing from a "scam", and if you truly want your hopes and wish to come true, his services are the best you will ever find.